Who we are. What we do.

Our Mission

We are family on a mission to love God, love people, and make disciples who make disciples.

Our Vision

By the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit we will advance God’s kingdom in the Muskingum Valley by proclaiming the good news and multiplying microchurches of Christ following disciples. 

We are a network of microchurches fueled by God's presence.

God has called us to plant the gospel and grow microchurches.  Microchurches are supernatural communities that share life, do mission, and pursue freedom together in God's presence. 

Core Values

Fueled by love, power, truth, and wisdom a disciple (personal) or group of disciples (corporate) will mature in these values.


God’s presence. Knowing and experiencing Him personally and as a group.


Outward focus on the lost and unchurched. Planting new microchurches.


God’s family, believers. Authentic Christian community that shares life together. 


Cultivating environments of freedom where people are saved, healed, and delivered 

Primary Practices





Sharing Life

Generous Giving

Learn & Apply God's Word

What are Microchurches?

Muskingum Valley Vineyard Church (MVVC) is a growing network of microchurches.  So, how would we describe microchurches?
Inspired by the book of Acts, MVVC microchurches are supernatural communities that share life, mission, and pursue freedom together in God’s presence.  They embody the values and practices dear and central to our identity as a church: passionate worship, active prayer, devotion to learning and obeying God’s word, authentic community, and a commitment to God’s kingdom advancement.
Wherever a microchurch meets there is no need for a stage or elaborate production. Rather, it is a simple expression of the family of God loving Him and linking arms in His mission to see people saved, healed, and delivered while they fall more in love with Him.
A microchurch offers Holy Spirit saturated environments where miracles are expected, God’s family grows, and people mature in their heavenly gifts and callings. They are small communities that gather around God to grow in their knowledge and experience of Him. People encounter God and are changed in His presence as He is welcomed through worship and prayer. The intimate nature of a microchurch lends itself to a discipleship culture where God’s word is not just learned but obeyed as well. They are safe places to step out and take risks, to practice and grow in spiritual gifts, and to grow in maturity in Christ.  

We were created to share life through genuine relationships in God’s family. Love, forgiveness, generosity, and commitment shine in microchurches. We celebrate together and cry together, encourage one another and challenge one another. With a high value placed on family, fellowship, and fun, people of all ages are welcome in microchurches. These are places to know and be known in a way not readily available in larger gatherings.

As we grow in Christ’s love, it overflows beyond microchurch gatherings. There is a constant awareness of God’s mission as “God stories” are shared and heartfelt prayers are offered for the lost and unchurched.  Microchurch communities are compelled to raise up new leaders and intentionally plant more microchurches because their experience of God and His family are too good to keep to themselves. In this way, God’s family can organically grow throughout the Muskingum Valley, branching out to invite more people into the vibrant life of the Kingdom of God through the spreading of microchurches.

How are we Structured?

We are structured to be a growing network of microchurches. and here is why.

We are intentionally set up to ensure that we establish, maintain, and multiply  healthy microchurches and that our church family gets to operate like a family and  not like a machine or business.

The accompanying diagram shows how  microchurches are the basic building blocks of our church and how they fit together to makeup MVVC.

Leadership at MVVC

Leadership Structure and Roles

The following is a list of leadership roles and their basic function within our structure.
Senior Servant Team - This team consists of the elders of the church. They provide vision and direction for the network of hubs(MVVC).
Hub Leader & Assoc. Hub Leader - These leaders lead the Hub through vision, direction, organizing All-Church Gatherings, and mentoring/supporting the Pod Coaches within the hub.
Pod Coach - Each hub is subdivided into a number of Pods. Pods exist for the benefit of Microchurch Leaders. They are set up for coaching, fellowship, peer mentoring, strengthening/equipping, and collaboration around microchurch planting. A Pod Coach mentors, encourages, prays for, and strengthens  a small number of Microchurch Leaders in their pod.
Microchurch Leader - This leader or leadership couple leads a microchurch. These leaders are responsible for raising up and apprenticing the next wave of Microchurch Leaders.
Apprentice/Missionary - These are leaders in training. These future leaders are mentored by a Microchurch Leader to gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will serve them well as future leaders.

How to Become a Leader

Becoming an Apprentice is our way of plugging into the leadership structure of MVVC. Apprenticeship is the leadership development track to create new Microchurch Leaders. This life on life training with a current Microchurch Leader contains all the elements needed to equip and train future leaders. If you want to become a leader, join a microchurch and have a conversation with the leader(s) about beginning an apprenticeship relationship. They may take you on as an apprentice or suggest you apprentice under another leader and join their microchurch for a period of time. Once you are a Microchurch Leader God may call you to various other leadership positions within MVVC as you grow and as there is need. 

Our Story

Get to know  us.

In 2002 the Muskingum Valley Vineyard church (MVVC) started in a living room as a small group of people hungering for God and desiring real relationships with one another.  After more small groups were planted, they began to regularly come together for a "Sunday Central Celebration." Seizing the opportunity provided by the COVID-19 "global reset," God re-established our core identity, instructed us to "break out of the box," and gave us fresh vision for planting microchurches throughout the Muskingum Valley and beyond!