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Church, Outside The Box

Jesus can’t be contained, even in the best church.  He came to fill everything in every way through His church. Why? The world is broken, Jesus came to save it. He is the light of hope invading the darkness and setting people free.  Only His love can melt the hardest hearts. Only His touch can heal broken lives. Only His cross can bring peace with God.  This is His mission, so why would we box it up and limit it to Sunday?  We aren’t.  God has called us to break out of the box! Come join us.


MVVC microchurches are supernatural communities that share life, do mission, and pursue freedom together in God’s presence. In these Holy Spirit led gatherings, lives are transformed as people encounter God, side by side, in authentic community.  Microchurches are intentionally simple so the focus can be on God’s work in people, instead of on buildings and programs.  This simplicity also makes them versatile and easily reproducible so an encounter with Jesus and an invitation to his family is never far from those seeking him.

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Connect to a microchurch or come hang out with us at one of our All-Church Gatherings, where all the microchurches come together.  

Microchurch Gatherings

These gatherings take place at a variety of times and places throughout the area.

All-Church Gatherings

These gatherings take place on Sundays at 10:00am at the building.
299 Putnam Ave. Zanesville, OH 43701

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