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             Speaker: Wade Coffey

                 Dates: Aug. 2017

             Topic: Praying with Power

   Overview: Lead Pastor Wade Coffey elaborates on praying with power. In this teaching he talks about what the Bible says about powerful and effective prayer.


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Speaker: Wade Coffey

Dates: July-August, 2015

Topic: Revival: The 12 R’s

Description: Revival is not a planned event, but a supernatural move of God. This is a three part series identifying some of the cornerstone characteristics of true revival.  Join with us in our expectation for a powerful move of God!



Speaker: Wade Coffey

Dates: November 5, 2017

Topic: Pursuing Our First Love


Description: This message is a prophetic word to our church that above all, we desire to be a church driven by our passion for our Lord Jesus.  In our culture, it’s easy to get distracted from the most important thing—even by good things!  This message reveals that it is possible to keep our hearts longing to engage more with God no matter what.



Speaker: Wade Coffey

Dates: August 13, 2017

Topic: Praying with Impact


Description: Prayer is not only communion with God, it is also drawing on one’s relationship with God to see His kingdom come, and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Simply put, when we pray, things happen.  But what makes our prayers effective? These teachings highlight specific dynamics of prayer found in Scripture, including the behind the scenes spiritual battle, and various aspects of powerful and effective prayer.



Speaker: Wade Coffey

Dates: Sept-Oct, 2017

Topic: Renewing our Vision for the Harvest

Description: This 2 part mini-series looks at what Jesus calls “the harvest.” These teachings focus on Jesus’ mission to the lost and oppressed and his commission to his disciples to continue his work in the harvest fields even today. So what does the harvest look like in our context as the Muskingum Valley Vineyard church? These messages casts vision for who we are and the harvest work that God has called us to.



Speaker: Wade Coffey

Dates: July, 2014

Topic: Rediscovering Paul’s Thorn


Description: Today in the church “Paul’s thorn” is often associated with God withholding something good from his children to teach them humility. Is this what Paul was saying? This teaching brings freedom from the religious baggage attached to this subject. This is essentially a bible study that reveals what Paul’s thorn was, what it wasn’t, and what that means for us.